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Artist Spotlight

Sharoyce Antwan: Turn Up On Me!

Interview By Lucky Smith

Please give our readers a small introduction to who you are?
I’m Sharoyce Antwan, an aspiring artist who currently resides the Richmond IN area. But I honed my craft back in my hometown of Savannah, GA. I’m gearing up to release a mixtape hosted by DJ Punch out the 317 and we’ll most likely have everything ready by the beginning of April. I’ve just been working on building relationships as of late because I want to align myself with the individuals who’ll prove to be beneficial to my success. Though the pandemic recently changed the landscape of how business is conducted, grassroots networking isn’t dead. I’m also looking to get out here and build a connection with the people with free tangible copies/digital downloads of the tape. Turn Up On Me!

So, you’re oringinally from Savanna, GA. What is life like down there?
Life down there was alright. Shouts out to the city by the sea. Majority of these cities have similar infrastructures and are set up like any other town (downtown areas with cobblestone streets and an MLK Street dividing the hood from the businesses, colleges and gentrified areas). Shouts out to Savannah for what it is. I love Mom-Dukes because she’s still there. Turn Up On Me!

What was it that drew you too music?
Doing music is quite cathartic for me, fam. I’m a creative soul. If I’m not drawing, then I’m probably writing or putting something together. I love being able to tell stories on wax from time to time. Turn Up On Me!

So, is Sharoyce your real name and if not, can you give us the inside on your name?
Naw, family. My name is Marquis Roberts. Shouts out to Jasmin Sharoyce Bush. I love you so much. You going to be one of the first ones to get a check when it all goes down. Turn Up On Me!

We heard your single “Money Hungry” and it like you’re telling a story in strip club fashion. Please break that down for us.
That is exactly what it is. A song detailing about how she uses what she got to get what she wants, “word to Ebony from Player’s Club”. Can someone Turn Up On Me? I appreciate looking at women, so I tell the story from the perspective of the client in the club. An A*+ and T#$&@ Enthusiast, but it isn’t all sexual. A woman is the finest piece of art and I don’t need to be talking any further because I don’t want to be #MeTooed. Turn Up On Me.

You also have a song called “Child Support” which I found interesting. What made you do that record?
“Child Support” is my lingo for “the bag”. Money Hungry is basically Child Support pt.2. The session was actually named Child Support Overdue… big fun fact. Turn Up On Me! Both produced by John Qwest. Reasonable Production at

Being that you’re doing music that simulates life. How much of it relates to yours?
If I’m not able to speak my truth, then I’m not going to put it on wax. I’m not trying to project some image of me being this omnipotent hood-figure with all the hoes and 5-star haters from GTA after him. I am not ducking nothing but “Child Support”. Turn Up On Me!

You seem to make music that relate to women in some form or another. Why is that?
Because I like to f…. I’m kidding…, no I’m not kidding. But yeah though, women rule the world and are avid consumers of everything. Men will follow wherever the ladies talk about. Turn Up On Me!

Why should people check for Sharoyce Antwan?
Because I’m That Nigga.

If people wanted to learn more about you and follow your movement, how can they find you?
Tap in with me on Clubhouse @sharoyce and on IG @sharoyce_. Turn Up On… you already know.

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